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Some kids are just cool


This kid was cool. Check out those baby-blue peepers!

Family photos in the studio

Childrens photo in studio by melbourne photographer Kate Griffin

This is my last post a little while – I’m off on tour with one of my favourite bands The Peep Tempel who are vacating Australia for a six week European promo tour. I’l be following the lads for the first four weeks and you can keep up to date with shenanigans and photos via The […]

Father & Son photos

Father & son photo in Melbourne gardens

This is a long photo series but it illustrates the kind of thing I look for when photographing humans, particularly family portraits. It’s the interaction, the connection that most humans can’t fake, particularly with children. It’s this moment when a photo stops being a portrait and starts being a true story of the person and […]

Family photos at Merri Creek

How good are swings? They’re awesome when you’re a kid, a never-ending source of glee and begs to minders of ‘just one more!’. I’d argue that even once you’re an adult and your adult butt no longer fits into the swing, you still have that longing when you wander by them. And then, if you’re […]

I’ll never get tired of kids birthday parties

Photos of a rainbow-themed kids birthday party

Cake, streamers, dress-ups, balloons, smiles – how can you not love days like this? Happy Birthday, Alice!

Sometimes kids or family portraits get cancelled at short notice

Child with a bumped head by Melbourne photographer Kate Griffin

Sometimes kids or family portraits get cancelled at short notice and it’s often families with young children. Occasionally, it’s sickness related but more often than not it’s due to physical damage – just like this…..there’s just nothing you can do when kids decide to use their faces to break a fall….poor Darcy.

Rock style family portraits

A kids portrait by Melbourne photographer Kate Griffin

The best family photos are often a little left of the traditional family portrait. The Nicholls family threw a rockstar themed 5th birthday party for their son, Bastian, (complete with full band setup in the garage and fliered wall in the bandroom) and took the opportunity to get some slightly different family portraits.

Family photos in Melbourne Botanical Gardens

a family portrait in Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Shooting family portraits is one of my favourite things. Sometimes family portraits are really hard work. There are many reasons, but most times it comes down to the fact that parents often haven’t considered that they’re just not that comfortable putting their most candid selves and interactions with their children on display in public even […]