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Corporate portraits can be cool

Mujtaba - REA Group

This series was photographed for REA Group. I shot over 150 portraits and it included staff from the CEO to the folks in the call centre, from the coolest nerds in the world who build the Group’s websites to the shiny Sales folk. REA Group is proof that large multinationals can be cool.

Kids in the studio

Photo of a mini junior photographer in the studio

I love working in the studio with kids. It makes for clean, minimalist photos that don’t distract from the child’s emotions and expressions. But it’s a challenge – you can only light for a particular space and there’s no telling to 3-year-old to have fun but stay within the lit area. Props help, but can […]

Little known facts: I was a car photographer

Car photography shot for 247 Ads

A small little known fact about me is that very early on in my photography career, I worked for a auto photography company and after that took a position as the in-house auto photographer at a small, reasonably short-lived, website start-up called It was an interesting time and while there was a few lessons […]

Family photos in the studio

Childrens photo in studio by melbourne photographer Kate Griffin

This is my last post a little while – I’m off on tour with one of my favourite bands The Peep Tempel who are vacating Australia for a six week European promo tour. I’l be following the lads for the first four weeks and you can keep up to date with shenanigans and photos via The […]